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Neck | Head | Eye Pain

Yellow stars
“I began having severe pains in the right side of my neck and head about 3 years ago. I also began having sharp pain in my right eyeball. One day I suddenly began seeing spots in the vision of that eye. The pain and pressure was nearly unbearable. I also began to suffer dryness in that eye. These conditions continued for more than a year and a half and were so serious that I was taking two Tylenol three times per day.

This certainly did become frightening, so I scheduled appointments with an optometrist and opthamologist. After their exams, there were still no answers for the pain and pressure in my eye.

I am very familiar with chiropractic care and felt this was my only hope. After only a few treatments I was feeling much better. With just one special adjustment to my upper spine, I was completely relieved of the pain in my eye and my vision was clearer. I have had no pain in that eye since. I’m looking forward to more progress and better health in the days to come. Thank you to Dr. Alan Schultz for your concern and care!”

– Alice S.

Extreme Low Back & Leg Pain

Yellow stars
“My pain was extreme in the lower back and down both legs after slipping and falling on ice in February. Because of this injury I was off work for six weeks.

Two neurosurgeons said that the only treatment that would help my ruptured discs would be surgical. I searched online for a chiropractor with experience in herniated and ruptured lumbar discs. That doctor was Dr. Alan Schultz in Johnston.

Dr. Schultz is a very caring doctor. He has often called me at home to see how I was doing. He also met me at the office after hours anytime that I needed pain relief.

I would recommend Dr. Schultz’s chiropractic method’s and approach to herniated discs and sciatic nerve pain. My pain was severe. I first walked into his office bent over and to the side at a 30 degree angle and couldn’t straighten my legs. He has helped me beyond belief. I am now able to lead an almost normal life again!”

– Robert H.

Extreme Headaches

Yellow stars
“Before contacting Dr. Schultz, I had extreme headaches. I had these headaches for eight years. Medical doctors kept saying that there wasn’t anything wrong with me, but at the same time, they would prescribe heavy pain killers. I had gotten to the point where everyday tasks were too difficult to accomplish because of these headaches.

I heard that Dr. Schultz could help people with headaches. When I first came to see Dr. Schultz, I knew something had to be wrong for years. He found a pinched nerve in my neck, and my mid-back was out of alignment and my hips were not level.

I am almost through with the major part of my chiropractic treatments. I do not have headaches any longer, I have more energy than I have had in years, and I feel great!

I had suffered too many years without knowing I could be helped with chiropractic until now. Dr. Schultz has been very supportive through my visits.

If someone is in pain, there is no reason that you can’t be helped in my opinion. Dr. Schultz’s methods of chiropractic care made me a healthy person again. The equipment and technology used, alongside Dr. Schultz experience has made my life happy again. I can only say good things about this office, because it changed my life. It can change yours too.”

– Kris B.

Car Accident

Yellow stars
“Shortly after I was hit from behind in a car accident, I couldn’t turn my neck or lift my right arm. After several visits to the chiropractor in Johnston, Dr. Schultz, I was able to comb my hair without pain in my arm and I could again turn my head. Thanks Dr. Schultz!”

– Mary F.

Motorcycle Accident

Yellow stars
“I was in a motorcycle accident in which I T-boned a truck at 35 mph with no helmet. I had residual soft tissue damage in my neck and shoulders, which caused neck and shoulder pain. The orthopedic doctors said that my pain would gradually get worse as I got older, and that there was nothing that could be done to help. For six years I lived with daily stiffness, aches and pains. Then during one week last summer, I began to hurt so bad that I couldn’t sleep and found it very painful to walk. It was then that I decided to try chiropractic care.

After just a few visits, the worst of my back pain had subsided. I had decided to follow a long-term plan which Dr. Schultz and I had discussed. After three months of treatment the range-of-motion in my neck has improved significantly and I have been able to return to daily activities. I am now able to live life without pain or limitation.

I really liked how Dr. Schultz took time to explain my x-ray findings, treatment options and prognosis prior to beginning treatment. I also appreciated one of the best bedside manners that I have experienced with any doctor.

I had gone to another chiropractor for four treatments prior to seeing Dr. Schultz and had no improvement. With just 3-4 treatments by Dr. Schultz, my pain is gone. I was very skeptical of chiropractic care before, but the results that I received with Dr. Schultz have made me a believer!

“There are big differences in how different chiropractors practice. Honestly, don’t go anywhere else but to Dr. Schultz. His style of practice is the best!”

– Paul A.

Sharp Pain In Neck & Shoulder | Tingling in Arm

“I suffered a work injury after unloading a box of brake parts. I had sharp pain in my right shoulder, constant neck pain, tingling in my right forearm and ‘coldness’ in my arm and hand.

Although I wanted to consult a chiropractor, my employer forced me to seek medical treatment for 30 days.

My orthopedic doctor and neurologist sent me to physical therapy, where they heated me up, cooled me down, stretched my muscles, etc. The problem worsened to the point where the orthopedist ordered an EMG study. I was then given drugs and muscle relaxants.

Eventually, I consulted Dr. Schultz. He found that I had lost 46% of my strength in my right arm using his muscle testing computer. He also discovered that I had lost sensation in my right arm. He x-rayed me standing up/weight bearing and found a reversed curve in my neck, pinching on a nerve. The nerve damage would have been permanent had Dr. Schultz not found and corrected the problem.

After 60 days, my industrial injury was corrected, and my symptoms were 100% gone. My employer is now convinced that I should have gone to Dr. Schultz in the first place. I feel Dr. Schultz may have saved me from a surgery! Don’t go anywhere else!

– Chad H.

Back and Shoulder Pain | Finger Numbness

Yellow stars
“After a work injury, I had pain in the center of my back, going into my shoulder and down my arm. I experienced numbness in my hands and fingers.

After two months of care with Dr. Schultz, I felt much better and had no more pain or numbness.

Dr. Schultz continues to work with my spine so that my pain won’t return due to the nature of my job. I chose maintenance care because I never wanted to feel that pain again.”

– Loring D.



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