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Whole Body Vibration Rehab in Johnston

Our Technology Edge V-Forcefitness equipment

Research supports Whole Body Vibration.

Q: Does standing on a vibrating platform actually do anything for you?
— Jen, New York

A: “Whole body vibration is a technique pioneered by the Soviets decades ago to help cosmonauts stay in space for long periods without losing so much muscle and bone that they were ragdolls when they got back to Earth.  It worked.  But does WBV do anything for the earthbound?”

“The science is mixed but promising, particularly for improving strength, power, balance and bone density.  WBV also might help keep weight off once you’ve lost it.  It seems to target the deep belly fat (visceral fat) that’s linked to diabetes and heart disease.  And in one small study, people with low-back pain who vibrated twice a week for 12 weeks got relief.”
— Dr. Oz, ABC News

Vforce by Dynatronics
Whole Body Vibration
Vibration Therapy
EMG Testing Confirms Efficacy of Vibration

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