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Acupuncture at Schultz Chiropractic & Acupuncture

Providing Traditional Acupuncture for Johnston and Des Moines

Disease, degeneration and pain recognize no boundaries, and neither should the therapies used to treat them. Chronic illness and pain have reached a crisis point in the modern world. Patient’s, as well as medical and chiropractic physicians, can use all of the help they can, whether it comes from science or philosophy, modern or ancient times, China or America. It is for this reason that we have incorporated traditional acupuncture in Johnston, Iowa.

Ancient Chinese Philosphy:

Johnston Acupuncture care is available at Schultz Chiropractic & Acupuncture

The body is a temple of life. Energy is the force of life. Spirit is the governor of life. If one of them goes off balance, all three are damaged. When the spirit takes command, the body naturally follows it, and this arrangement benefits all Three Treasures. When the body leads the way, the spirit goes along, and this harms all Three Treasures.”

Wen-tzu (first century B.C.)

Chinese Healing Philosophy:

The Three Treasures, as described above by Wen-tzu over 2,000 years ago, refer the ancient belief that life depends on three things: Essence (jing), energy (chee), and spirit (shen). Together, the Three Treasures (also known as Three Marvels or san chee) function as a single organic unit.

Each of the Three Treasures or Marvels have two fundamental aspects known as prenatal and postnatal. The prenatal are pure qualities which precede birth and infuse the fertilized egg at the moment of conception. The postnatal qualities are manifestations which develop after birth, beginning the moment an infant draws its first breath of air.

Essence (jing) refers to the physical body, including blood, essential fluids, hormones, neurotransmitters, etc.

Energy (chee) is the primal life force which supplies every cell and tissue in the body and activates its vital functions.

Energy is also derived from food, water, herbs, and nutrients that the body transforms into energy. As well, energy comes from air or breathing, and is absorbed through the lungs and can be cultivated with simple breathing exercises, also known as chee-gung (“energy work”).

Human energy resides in the chest and is associated with breathing and blood circulation (heart and lungs). Chinese theory states that “energy leads blood”, which means that blood flows wherever energy goes, and that blood circulation may be controlled by breathing.

At Schultz Chiropractic & Acupuncture in Johnston, Acupuncture is for the most part painless.

Acupuncture is for the most part painless.

Spirit (Shen) includes all aspects of the mind, both human and primordial, including awareness, cognition, feeling, thought, will and intent. The Prenatal spirit is considered the eternal spark of awareness which is not born and does not die. The Prenatal spirit resides in the heart. The Postnatal spirit manifests itself as thought and sensory awareness, personality and ego.

By Chinese theory, the Three Treasures become vulnerable to depletion and decay. The goal of the Chinese method of healing is to restore prenatal unity and the primordial purity of essence, energy, and spirit in order to prevent disease and degeneration of the postnatal organism; as well as retard the aging process and prolong life.

Balance and harmony are pivotal points with traditional Chinese life. Health and longevity depend entirely upon the maintenance, balance and harmony of the Three Treasures. From this philosophy, disease and degeneration are caused not so much from external invasion but from “letting down ones guard.” Germs and toxins are ever present in our environment, but they can only gain entry and cause damage to the body when immunity and resistance are impaired by neglect and improper lifestyle (also consistent with chiropractic philosophy). From this viewpoint, health and longevity are not sustained by doctors and drugs, but by carefully guarding the Three Treasures.

How Often Should I Come for Acupuncture?

Using the scale or 1 to 10 to assess the level of pain or distress, 0 = no symptoms 10= highest:

10 out of 10 on the pain scale or “at the end of your rope:”
Everyday until we see some change.

7-9 out of 10:
3x per week for 2-3 weeks then re-evaluate.

5-7 out of 10:
2x per week for 2-3 weeks then re-evaluate.

Less than 4 out of 10 and below:
1x per week for 6 weeks.

Very Long-Term | Chronic Conditions:
2x per week for 10 weeks or 3x per week for
7 weeks, then re-evaluate.

Chronic Stress (and related symptoms):
1x/week until stress subsides.

Chronic conditions with a poor prognosis:
1x/week indefinitely.

The Human Energy Network (Meridians):

The electromagnetic nature of human energy has been recognized by traditional Chinese medicine for 3,500 years. Early Chinese writings describe energy as flowing through the human body via a complex network of channels (mai), meridians (jing) and capillaries (luo) that traverse the body. Along the major meridians were found particularly sensitive energy points called hsueh (haa-shee) points, which function  like energy relay terminals, much like transformers along a power line. The meridians and their power points are the basis of acupucture. Acupuncture needles are used to manipulate the balance, magnitude, and flow of vital these bodily energies.

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Acupuncture appointments include a confidential history.

Each of 12 meridians are connected to a specific organ-energy system. The human energy network has many vital functions. It regulates blood circulation, sends protective wei-chee to the surface to guard against external attack, and carries nourishing ying-chee to the organs, glands, brain and other tissues.

Acupuncture appointments include a confidential history. Once we determine what your health goals are, we will explain all procedures and what to expect  in advance of beginning acupuncture.  Acupuncture needles come a many “gauges” or diameters.  You will be glad to know that the needles that we use are about the width of a human hair.  Needles come from a sealed, sterile package and disposed of in bio-container.  They are only used one time and disposed of.  Areas of the body  to be “needled” are first prepared with sterile alcohol swabs. The most strict procedures are used when it comes keeping sterile environment.  This is another benefit of using our  health care clinic.


Battlefield acupuncture is highly effective in reducing pain.

How does acupuncture feel? Since the size of an acupuncture needle is about the width of a human hair, the immediate sensation can range from “I didn’t even feel that,” to “it felt like a mosquito bite.” If a needle is placed on a finger, palm or portion of the foot, it can “sting” for about 10 seconds.  After an acupuncture needle  is inserted into an acupuncture point, no matter how they feel when inserted, you will not be able to feel them after 30 seconds.  This is because the acupuncture needle begins to work immediately in sedating pain.  For patients with sinus problems, there can be relief from congestion within 5 minutes.

Battlefield acupuncture is highly effective in reducing pain.  Dr. Schultz has seen neck pain and back pain go from 9/10 to 7/10 within 4 minutes, and then to 0/10 pain within 3o minutes of inserting the acupuncture needles.  Usually 5-8 needles are used.  Many times, acupuncture is performed in areas distant (or distal) to the pain.  For example, treating right knee pain via acupuncture of the left elbow, or neck pain by placing 3-4 acupuncture needles in the outer portion of the ear.

During acupuncture sessions, patients are in a private suite where you can relax.  You are always clothed, and may be asked to expose only portions of your arm, leg, feet, back or neck. A good majority of patients fall asleep within 20 minutes.  Patients describe acupuncture as “relaxing,” “calming,” or  “peaceful.”  Acupuncture sessions usually last 30-45 minutes in our office.  You can bring a family member or friend and they can sit with you, however, no children are allowed unless they are themselves are the patient.  It is essential that treatment areas are calm and quite for all patients.

Western medicine has much to learn from traditional Chinese energy-healing techniques. While scientists debate the “how and why” of this ancient healing art, we are proud to offer traditional acupuncture as an additional tool that can be added to your health team approach. Call us today to learn more.

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