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Schultz Chiropractic & Acupuncture

Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired

Yellow stars
“When I first visited with the doctor at Schultz Chiropractic & Acupuncture, I had been trying to live with the pain in my back for close to two years. It had gotten so bad that I could hardly get out of the house. The pain that I experienced reduced my resistance to a level so low that I caught whatever virus was going around. I was constantly sick and tired.

My grip strength was so poor in my left hand that I was constantly dropping keys. Hy hand would tremble with the effort of holding just a fork.

With the care of Dr. Schultz and Shelly, my back has improved to a point where there are some days where it doesn’t hurt at all. Now that the nerves in my neck and back have had a chance to heal, I am rarely sick anymore!

The visits to my chiropractor keep my problems from getting worse while lifting and caring for my small children. I love this place!”

– Anne A.

Arm & Hand Numbness | Pain

Yellow stars
“Previous to having chiropractic care, I was having a loss of feeling, along with severe numbness, in my arms and extending into my hands.

After chiropractic treatments with Dr. Schultz, the pain as well as the numbness and tingling are completely gone. The pain was about seven on a scale of ten, being worse in the morning.

Dr. Schultz has added a very personal touch to the treatments. He is more willing to take extra time with me when it is needed. Also, he follows up after the treatments to verify that they are successful. I am very happy with my chiropractic care, and will be continuing my treatments to maintain my good health.”

– Jim L.

Severe Migraine Headaches | Blurred Vision

Yellow stars
“I had severe migraine headaches for five years and had tried everything possible prior to seeing Dr. Schultz. I had brain scans and brain wave tests and had spent thousands of dollars in medical care.

Then, after seeing his office and sign, I decided to see Dr. Alan Schultz in Johnston.

He did a very thorough workup! He began to focus on my upper neck and found a severely rotated upper cervical.
This was effecting nerves to the arteries, cause constriction. After 3-4 weeks of his specific treatment, I can now do about anything that I want. I’m not afraid to go somewhere with the fear of having a severe headache in public.

I like the way Dr. Schultz explained every step to me along the way and that he would advise me on how to keep feeling good. I am going about one month between treatments for headache prevention and to keep my alignment. I don’t ever want a relapse! It’s changed my life.

I now have no more blurred vision. I also have more strength. My sleep is much better also. Overall, I feel better than I have in a long time.

My family has noticed the results with my better health. Plus the people I work with have noticed that I have more energy.”

– Mike H.

Stiffness Between the Shoulders

Yellow stars
“For many years I had experienced constant pain and/or stiffness in my lower back and between my shoulder blades. I consulted Dr. Schultz in Johnston and with his good advice and chiropractic treatments, I began to heal. Now I am feeling great all of the time!

I especially like the Combi Intersegmental Traction table!”

– Thomas L.

Numbness & Tingling In Arm and Fingers

Yellow stars
“I’m a firefighter and developed numbness in my arm and fingers pulling a firehose.

After a series of treatments to my neck, the numbness was gone. My migraine headaches of many years also went away!

Dr. Schultz believes that I injured my neck many years ago, shortly before the headaches began. This was probably a weak area and therefore it did not take much pulling on the hose to aggravate the nerve and cause the severe numbness in my arm and fingers.

I’ve sent several others to Dr. Schultz from the station. They all note how much better they fell after their treatments. His care and service are first class.”

– Capt. Greg R.

Neck Pain with Radiating Pain Into Arm

Yellow stars
“I started care with Dr. Alan Schultz, chiropractor in Johnston, Iowa, due to sharp pains in my neck. I was also experiencing shooting pain into my left arm. This caused difficulty with my sleeping. I was only getting 4 hours of sleep per night due to the pain.

When began care my neck and shoulder pain were 9/10, with 10 being the most painful. My low back pain was chronic and was 7/10. After treatments with Dr. Schultz, I got back to normal and was able to return to work and all of my normal daily activities.

What I like most about this chiropractic doctor are his RESULTS!!”

– Jim C.


Yellow stars
“Before I began treatments with Dr. Schultz, I had headaches almost every day. My neck was very sore and I could not turn my head either direction very far. I also experienced having cold hands and some numbness in my fingers.

Now, after treatments with Dr. Schultz, I can turn my head freely, with no pain. The headaches are gone! And I seem to have more feeling in my fingers.

Chiropractic helped me 100%. I appreciate Dr. Schultz’s honest approach on how he could help me. He seemed concerned about my improvement.

I am very glad that I came to Dr. Schultz and am pleased with my improvements!”

– Steve H.



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