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Additional Reviews for
Schultz Chiropractic & Acupuncture

Couldn’t Turn Head

Yellow stars
“The pain in my neck, head and shoulders was to the point where I really couldn’t function at work. My ability to lift heavier objects was gone. My ability to drive safely was greatly impaired because I couldn’t look from side to side. The symptoms were getting worse.

With Dr. Schultz‘s adjustments, the pain has left my neck, head and shoulders. I feel comfortable again and I am able to do the things necessary in my day to day activities. I feel good and ready to carry on pain free.

I like that Dr. Schultz involves you with the care of your problem. He listens to your symptoms and takes the needed time to properly diagnose your ailment before starting therapy.

I have developed a strong feeling of trust in Dr. Schultz’s desire to help solve my problem. He helped me in my effort to get back to leading an active life.”

– T.C.

Chronic Headaches

Yellow stars
Before I began treatments with Dr. Schultz, I had headaches almost every day. My neck was very sore and I could not turn my head either direction very far. I also experienced having cold hands and some numbness in my fingers.

Dr. Schultz’s Method got me back to 100%. I appreciate Dr. Schultz’s honest approach on how he could help me. He seemed concerned about my improvement.

I am very glad that I came to Dr. Schultz and am pleased with my improvements.

– Steve H.

Neck Pain | Back & Hip Pain | Leg Pain

Yellow stars
“When I made my first appointment with Dr. Schultz, I was desperate for help!! I was ready to give up!

I hadn’t felt like working or living. I know this sounds extreme, but that is how I felt.

After eight weeks of care I felt great all over. I felt like going to work and doing things. I now have renewed energy and strength.

Dr. Schultz’s care has helped me because he listened to me and took time to understand how this was effecting my life. He prioritized my symptoms in order of importance to me. He then examined and x-rayed me to determined what was causing all of my symptoms one by one.

Everything about me has improved. When you are in pain everyday, even the sunny days look black. Now, everyday is a good day!

I have no regrets undergoing my treatment plan with Dr. Schultz. He is a miracle worker!!! It’s been the BEST two years of my life now. Thank-you Dr. Schultz!”

– Emma W.

Neck Pain & Arthritis

Yellow stars
“After treatment I can move my head to a great degree to each side. My whole body for the first time in a long, long time is free from pain. Discomfort from arthritis has been eaed substantially. I find the care excellent and the caring by Dr. Schultz and Shelly very personal.

I would like to see my brother and mother under care.”

– Natalie R.

Chronic Headaches | Back Pain | Car Accident

Yellow stars
I came to Dr. Schultz with lower back pain and daily headaches. I had been experiencing back discomfort for about 10 years. Through examination we determined this onset originated from a severe car accident that occurred over 15 years ago.

In a few short months of treatment and therapy with Dr. Schultz, I have noticed over 100% improvement in the way I feel, my mobility, and I also had a skin disorder which was causing irritations and rashes over most of my body for the past two years. This cleared up shortly after treatment began.

I have been under chiropractic care in the past, but had never achieved the results nor relief I have now.

– Vickie H.

A complete cure for me without surgery!

Yellow stars
“My lower back had been bothering me for three long years. After having tried everything, including two spinal injections, I was on the verge of surgery. I consulted Dr. Alan Schultz before ultimately making the decision to have surgery, and I am glad I did!”

In my occupation (city streets department), a bad back is the worst thing that can happen. Through the treatment program I received from Dr. Schultz and the excellent treatment of his staff, I can now do my job and enjoy recreation with my family without pain. A complete cure for me without surgery!

I would recommend Dr. Schultz to anyone with back problems.”

– Wes

Professional and Knowledgeable

Yellow stars
Dr Schultz is very professional, knowledgeable and went out of his way to get me in on very short notice. He even called me that evening to check on me and decided to make time for me again the next day as I was struggling. Highly recommend Dr Schultz.

– Paul W.



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