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man and woman shaking handsWhat Patients Love About Chiropractic

Findings from a 2012 National Health Interview Survey, touted as “the most recent source providing data on the use of complementary health care,” revealed why patients utilize chiropractic care and what they value most about it.

The survey provided data on those that had chose to become lifetime patients (54.6 million), and those that have been patients 12-months or less (19.1 million). Findings were as follows:

For general wellness: 43%

To improve energy: 16%

To improve sports performance: 15%

To improve immune function: 11%

To improve memory or concentration: 5%

Improves overall health or makes me feel better: 67%

Helps to sleep better: 42%

Helps to reduce stress level or relax: 40%

Makes it easier to cope with health problems: 38%

Gives a sense of control over my own health: 32.5%

Helps to fell better emotionally: 27%

Improves attendance at job or school: 17%

Improves relationships with others: 13%

Chiropractic also motivated patients to “exercise more regularly (21%) and eat healthier (11%).

Very important: 48%

Somewhat important: 30%

Slightly important: 14%

Not at all important: 7%

Helped a great deal: 64%

Helped some: 26%

Helped only a little: 6%

Didn’t help at all: 3.5%

Chiropractic combined with medical treatment helped: 65%

Chiropractic treats the cause and not just the symptoms: 62%

It is natural: 37.5%

Medical treatments do not work for specific health problem: 33.8%

Chiropractic focuses on the whole person: 25%

Medications cause side effects: 18%

* 1. Complete survey findings appear in Spine, December 1, 2017 issue (Adams J., et al.).

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