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Summary of Consumer Reports, Stop Pain Now (2016):

“From backs to shoulders, knees to necks, 125 million people are in pain, spending $300 billion on pills.”

“(Chiropractic) The hands-on therapy, in which a person’s spine and other parts of the body are manipulated to alleviate pain and promote healing, dates back to ancient China and Greece. Modern chiropractors perform “adjustments,” which use strong, controlled force to manipulate the spine or joints to improve alignment and restore mobility. ”

“There’s good evidence that chiropractic care alleviates lower back pain, including some suggesting that it works as well as medication (but without the side effects and masking of symptoms).”

***”A 2010 comprehensive review found that the therapy may be helpful with joint, neck, and shoulder pain, and tension headaches. In a 2011 online survey of more than 45,000 Consumer Reports subscribers, 65% of those who had chiropractic care said it helped.”

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