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Schultz Chiropractic & Acupuncture Reviews

Hands holding heartWhat Our Johnston Patients Say

At Schultz Chiropractic & Acupuncture we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us. Share your stories too! Click here to send us your feedback so that we can help to spread the word about the benefits of natural Schultz Chiropractic & Acupuncture care. For more information, or to schedule an appointment contact us today.


I Feel Blessed That I Was Lead To Dr. Schultz:

Yellow starsSchultz Chiropractic & Acupuncture definitely gets five stars from me! I had never experienced back pain before and how debilitating it can be. I thought I had a pinched nerve in my neck and sought treatment from traditional medicine and, although a little skeptical, decided to also see what natural medical treatment options a chiropractor could offer. The traditional medicine approach was a brief physician visit where they prescribed muscle relaxers for me (I took one dose and felt awful) and sent me on my way telling me if it didn’t improve they would send me to physical therapy.

My visit with Dr. Schultz was very different. He did a very thorough examination, including x-rays, and discussed in detail with me the issue (a disc in my neck that was out of line and compressing a nerve) along with the treatment options. He closely monitored my progress and discussed alternative paths, including partnering with orthopedic specialists if I didn’t progress. He told me he doesn’t take on new patients if he doesn’t believe he can assist with their issue. I found him to be very honest and caring and Shelly to be great to work with as well. I notice improvement immediately. After my third visit I no longer had the horrible pain I was experiencing and I continued to visit with less frequency to heal my neck and keep my spine healthy. The results were miraculous to me and I am so thankful to have explored this treatment knowing the more traditional route would have likely been prescriptions and potentially surgery. I feel blessed that I was lead to Dr. Schultz. I highly recommend his practice!

-Sandy C.

Very Efficient:

Yellow starsVery nice clean office. Friendly reception. Very efficient during entire appointment. Newer updated equipment.

– Kathy E.

Low Back Pain & Sciatica:

Yellow stars“On a scale of 1 to 10, I was definitely an 8 with the pain IN MY LOWER BACK AND DOWN MY LEG. I couldn’t stand, sit, or walk any amount of distance, and riding in a car was absolutely terrible. After the treatments I am not limited to anything now, and I am back to normal.

I had never been to a chiropractor before, but now I am a believer in it. Dr. Schultz was very sympathetic and if you do what he tells you, he will be able to help you.”

– Diane W.

Low Back Pain | Staying In Bed | Hard to Walk:

Yellow stars“Before seeing Dr. Schultz, the pain in my lower back was so bad that it was almost hard to walk. Some days I only wanted to stay in bed… and I did. Being that I am in the real estate business, I have open houses every Sunday in which I must stand and greet people for hours. This would really take it’s toll on my back. Now, after my treatments with Dr. Schultz, I don’t have nearly as much discomfort. The headaches I had and the continuous heartburn that I was experiencing before I began my treatment with Dr. Schultz have no all disappeared.

Dr. Schultz takes you to a “safe island” where even before he begins treatment he tells you what he recommends and how to achieve it. He is very thorough in his explanations. If you follow what Dr. Schultz prescribes, even if you are on a busy schedule such as myself, you will be so much healthier and happier. People are constantly asking me what I’m doing, because I ‘look different.’ I simply tell them that I go to see Dr. Schultz and Shelly.”

– Paula H.

Chronic Low Back Pain | Couldn’t Stand Up Straight:

Yellow stars“I experienced a dull pain in my lower back for about 8 months. Then one day while working, it became so painful I couldn’t even stand up.

A family member referred me to Dr. Alan Schultz in Johnston. After getting treatments with Dr. Schultz, I’m completely out of pain, I feel more flexible and my back doesn’t ache and get stiff when I sit too long. Now I like to come in for monthly check ups.

I liked Dr. Schultz’s screening of my first to see if chiropractic care would help me. After he determined that chiropractic care would help, his treatments were gentle and painless.

Dr. Schultz also now works with my neck. I use to get headaches up the back of my head. But now my headaches have all disappeared!

I use to have doubts about chiropractic card until l I came to Dr. Schultz. I now feel that had I gone to another type of doctor, I would have ended up with a back surgery. That would have also caused prolonged time off of work and a loss of income. My care here has really been great!”

– J.J.
House Builder

Unable to Walk Without Pain in Low Back & Leg:

Yellow stars“I was unable to walk without pain in my lower back and left leg.

After my treatments, I now walk at least one mile daily without discomfort and I’m able to sit for longer periods of time.

Dr. Schultz was honest concerning my prognosis, and his treatment was conservative because of the advanced condition of my spine.

I am now more mobile and activity is not limited. My mental health has greatly improved as the pain eased. I had learned to live with limitations, but I shouldn’t have put up limitations. I also come now for periodic treatments to keep everything in alignment.

I realized that any continued progress depends on my following rules for exercise, activity and chiropractic care.”

– Marj S.

Recommends Chiropractic and Acupuncture for Pain:

Yellow stars“When I first came to Schultz Chiropractic & Acupuncture I had pain in my lower back and neck that would not fully subside, even after resting. After just a week or two of receiving chiropractic treatments and acupuncture, my neck pain disappeared and my lower back pain gradually subsided.

Now I am free of pain! I can do many activities now that I couldn’t even think of before.

I have recommend chiropractic and acupuncture/ Schultz Chiropractic & Acupuncture to most of my friends and family.”

– Paul B.

Couldn’t Bend Over to Tie His Shoes | Job At Risk:

Yellow stars“I am a carpet installer and have done so for years. I came to Dr. Schultz two years ago when I couldn’t bend over to tie my shoes anymore. The pain was so intense that my whole body leaned to one side.

I had tried everything, but the pain wasn’t going away. My report of findings indicated that I was headed toward a possible referral to a surgeon and that I would likely loose my job.

I did my best to follow Dr. Schultz’s recommendations from the spinal care class as he treated me. I was given immediate relief after the first visit so that I could walk straight again. After six weeks, I was back to work.

I’m sure glad that I tried Dr. Schultz in Johnston, Iowa. I may have ended up with a back surgery if he hadn’t treated me. I also liked how he charted my progress and helped determine when it was safe to return to work.”

– Will H.

Avoids Back Surgery:

Yellow stars“When I first came to see Dr. Schultz, I had severe pain in my lower back and numbness down my left leg. I could not bend over or stand for long periods of time. After the treatments, I no longer have any numbness in my leg and I can lift more and bend further than I’ve been able to in a long time. I was surprised when other health problems that I had been experiencing, such as my elbows and shoulders, became nearly pain free and my headaches were much less frequent.

I didn’t think that chiropractic care was for me. I went on a referral from a friend. Surgery was going to be my next step. However, since I’ve been going to Dr. Schultz I don’t think I’ll need surgery at all. His friendly approach and personality make you feel right at home with every treatment.”

– Jeff S.

Neck & Low Back Pain:

Yellow stars“When I first came to Schultz Chiropractic, I was unable to sit for prolonged periods of time because I felt as if something was poking my left inner buttock. I later learned that this was my sciatic nerve being pinched.

After receiving chiropractic adjustments, I am now able to sit for as long as I desire, which is wonderful (since I have a desk job).

I also couldn’t stand on my left foot for very long without developing an aching feeling. My foot would eventually “give out” on me, and my leg would buckle. With Dr. Schultz’s method of chiropractic care this too has been resolved.

I have been on a monthly maintenance program for two years and recommend Dr. Schultz to everyone.

After getting on the health maintenance program, Dr. Schultz helped me to also understand my other health problems and motivated me so much that I lost 115 pounds to help ease the extra tension on my spine.

Good luck with your treatments, and enjoy becoming healthy again!”

– Gordy S.


Yellow stars“I was experiencing severe pain in my lower back and down my legs. The pain was so severe, I could barely sit down.

I went to Dr. Schultz and with chiropractic treatments, the pain was gone within three weeks.

Since I never want to relive those months of severe pain, I receive regular chiropractic treatments to keep my spine aligned and everything working as close to 100% as possible.

I am grateful for my progress and for Dr. Schultz’s expertise.”

– G. Downs
Surgical Assistant



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