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Corrective & Maintenance Visits

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Allow 15-30 minutes on average for subsequent visits.

Initial visits may be longer if you require more attention.

As your symptoms are eliminated, your health returns. Get back to living your life without pain or limitations. We do this without drugs or surgery.

If it is pain relief that you are seeking, the end-point for care is when you feel as good as you seek to feel.

If you are seeking correction to the root cause your symptoms, we review your progress every 2-4 weeks to determine if structural correction has been completed. Objective measurements such as range-of-motion, your posture image, orthopedic and neurological tests, and other tests will make it clear when you have achieved spinal correction.

Most patients elect to maintain their corrections with periodic maintenance care.

Why wait? Call us at Schultz Chiropractic & Acupuncture to arrange your first visit: (515) 270-2924.

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