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More Reviews for Schultz Chiropractic & Acupuncture

D-Day for Pain. WW2 & 82nd Airborne Veteran Drops In to Talk About Schultz Chiropractic at the Age of 92

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When it comes to serving veterans, it has been our pleasure working with W.B., a long time Johnston resident. W.B. served in WW2 with the 82nd Airborne, also famously known as “All American.” Among his major drops were Sicily, Salerno, Normandy, and Holland/Market Garden. His drop in Normandy behind enemy lines was the night of June 5, 1944.

Later in the war, word of his mothers death did not reach him at the front lines for nearly a month. His missions were so secretive that his units whereabouts was known but to a few. The 82nd Airborne was in almost constant action from 1943 to the end of the war in 1945. W.B. also received glider training/wings, and admits that he volunteered for anything that came along. He saw heavy action in the war. He would never mention it, but his ribbons indicate he is a Purple Heart and Silver Star recipient. At 92 years of age, W.B. is still very active with yard work and garage activities at his Johnston home of 55 years. Chiropractic has definitely kept him moving.

“Dr. Schultz has really helped me. Look, I’m in great shape,” he boasts to his wife! And he is right. How many people live in their own home and care for themselves in their 90’s? Monthly adjustments to his mid-back, low back and hips have allowed more motion/movement and reduced pain from osteoarthritic joints.

When it comes to fighting pain and knowing who to trust, W.B. says, “I recommend Schultz Chiropractic Wellness Zone.”

Thanks W.B. You are a real American Hero!

Drake’s BB Player

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“The adjustments that I received throughout my playing career kept my back healthy and allowed me to perform at 100% on the court. Dr. Schultz and his staff are very personable and they make sure every patient receives great care.” — Drake’s BB Player See more about Drakes Men’s Basketball Player by clicking here.

Tennis Player at Drake University

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“I am a division I tennis player at Drake University. After intensive treatments, the athletic trainers at Drake referred me to Dr. Schultz to assist me with my back problems. I walked into Dr. Schultz’s office with a strained back, troubled disc, and just general back pains. It was difficult for me to sleep, sit for long periods of time, and even get dressed. Dr. Schultz and Shelly sacrificed their mornings, nights, and weekends to get me the most intensive care they could provide me with as they understood and wanted me to get back on the tennis court as quickly as possible. After only two weeks, I was able to go back to playing, and with regular check-ups and a recommended recovery program (mostly consists of easy exercises) I am now pain-free. I owe my senior-year season to Shelly and Dr. Schultz!!”

Johnston Dragons Varsity Football Coach, B.W. Goes on Offense Against Pain

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“I have been utilizing chiropractic care with Dr. Schultz for many years. As an athlete, don’t overlook the importance of keeping your spine and joints healthy. They take a pounding. For Sports Injury and Pain Treatment, see Dr. Alan Schultz in Johnston.” Click HERE to view Johnston High School Football team highlights.

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Foot & Heel Pain:

“I became convinced that chiropractic care was the most effective method of treatment for my injured foot quite by accident. After being fitted with an orthotic for my right foot and receiving painful cortisone injections into my ankle, I gave up on podiatry care.

My orthopedic surgeon diagnosed my condition as ‘plantars foot,’ and continued cortisone injections into my heel. The shots were extremely painful, but allowed for several weeks of relief at a time.

Then I pulled my back out while gardening and this brought me to call Schultz Chiropractic. There, I was diagnosed as having a misalignment in my spine that was also causing one leg to be shorter than the other. This short leg syndrome was a compensation from my back misalignment, and was also affecting my foot!

After two or three adjustments, my legs were the same length and I have no more pain in my heel.”

– Jeff S.

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Low Back | Couldn’t Standup Straight:

“When I came to this office, I was experiencing great pain in my lower back, and I couldn’t even stand up straight. After only a few weeks, I was walking and standing tall. It was amazing!

I would suggest that everyone receive chiropractic care to keep from having problems. It really worked for me!

I have now been coming to Dr. Schultz for the optional maintenance care check-ups. This has really helped me. In fact, it’s helped me more than any of my other doctors.

Dr. Schultz and Shelly are great. You won’t go wrong putting your problems into his hands!”

-Ava V.

Off Work Due to Low Back Pain:

“I came in with lower back pain. It was to the point where I couldn’t straighten up and Dr. Schultz had to get the swelling in the back to go down before he could treat it.

Over the weeks, I appreciated the support I felt I received during my visits. The Health Care Class was informative. My back problem is steadily improving and I am now back to work! The acupuncture that I received while my back had so much swelling and pain was awesome! I had never had acupuncture before, and I noticed a big decrease in pain the first time Dr. Schultz put the small needles in. I would highly recommend it as well.

I am also now able to do all the bending, twisting and lifting that I need to keep up with my yard, and at work I am able to sit down or stand for long periods of time.”

I highly recommend Schultz Chiropractic & Acupuncture.”

-Angela W.

Hip Pain:

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“I went to Dr. Schultz with a problem in my right hip. It was painful to sit or walk. I had been experiencing arthritis in my right knee and I felt my favoring it had caused some stress on my hip.

Dr. Schultz examined me and took x-rays of my back/hip and found I was out of alignment in my lower back.

After several adjustments and therapy, it felt so much better that I couldn’t believe it! I continued to improve and I am fine now. My knee has also improved.

I would recommend to anyone with pain in the back, hip or leg area to see Dr. Schultz in Johnston immediately!”

– Amy D.


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