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More Reviews for Schultz Chiropractic & Acupuncture

Automobile Accident | Neck & Mid-Back Pain:

Yellow stars
” After a car accident, I suffered from whiplash. This caused back pain, pinched nerves, and headaches. The pain was so intense that it was extremely difficult for me to sit through my classes, participate in athletic activities, or do any of the things I was able to do before the accident. After I began chiropractic treatments in Johnston with Dr. Schultz, I was able to sit through my classes and play volleyball without pain. I can even turn my head and neck when backing my car out of the garage instead of looking in the rear view mirror.

In my experience, Dr. Schultz has taken a thorough approach to chiropractic care. He became familiar with my situation, took the time to get to know me, explained the chiropractic procedures, and told me honestly how much improvement I could expect to see in my condition. The headaches that I used to have regularly have all but disappeared. Dr. Schultz was also able to treat my wrist when I developed Carpal Tunnel Syndrome from the accident.

Following my car accident, I had physical therapy. I was told by the physical therapist that my condition would no longer improve. Dr. Schultz proved this theory wrong. I am 100% better since I started chiropractic care.”

-Hannah D.

Whiplash Due To Auto Accident:

Yellow stars
“I came to Dr. Schultz with pain in my neck and between my shoulder blades. Through x-rays and questions that Dr. Schultz asked, he diagnosed me with whiplash from an auto accident two months prior.

After two weeks of intense therapy, I noticed almost immediate relief. The pain in my neck and should started disappearing until I was pain free again.

What I liked about Dr. Schultz is his manner of professionalism and his willingness to always answer my questions with a through explanation by using literature, diagrams, and models. This allows me to actually se what my problem is and what type of treatment is needed to get it corrected.”

-Taylor P.

Automobile Accident | Neck & Low Back Pain:

Yellow stars
“The automobile accident in which I was involved left me with prolonged discomfort. I frequently experienced severe throbbing headaches, sharp-burning pain between my shoulder blades, neck pain, and lower back pain. I also continuously felt tired and sluggish. These symptoms were severe enough to restrict my activity level.

Chiropractic and acupuncture treatments have allowed to resume my previous lifestyle. I have gotten relief from the back and head pain, and have regained my energy. I can once again engage in the everyday tasks and various physical activities without severe pain and discomfort.

I especially appreciated the manner in which Dr. Schultz explains the methods of chiropractic care using various models, and the way he tests my progress using computers. It allows me to understand the process of chiropractic care and how my problem are being helped.

I was surprised and grateful to regain my energy level, as I didn’t realize that sluggishness and fatigue were one of the whiplash symptoms.

I have found chiropractic care with Dr. Schultz to be more effective than medication, as it corrects the problems rather than just covering up pain.”

-Kristen S.

Successful Treatment

Yellow stars
A firefighter with a herniated lumbar disc, successfully treated with our computerized lumbar decompression unit, avoiding drugs and surgery.

A Police Officer Comments on Schultz Chiropractic Wellness Zone

Yellow stars
“I have been a patient of doctors Schultz’s for 20 years. He has helped me keep in top shape for my job, including clearing chronic headaches and neck pain.”

– J.B.


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