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More Reviews for Schultz Chiropractic & Acupuncture

Very Thorough

Yellow stars
Outstanding in depth evaluation supported by excellent written material and diagrams.”

-Don G.

Chronic Neck & Back Pain

Yellow stars
“I suffered from neck and back pain for approximately 20 years. It began on and off again for a few years and then it progressively became a daily problem that often kept me home from work. After my treatments began with Dr. Schultz, I noticed the difference within just a week or two. I had tried all other options and medications and now with Dr. Schultz’s help, I am no longer taking any medication.

I can work a normal day, every day, and plan my social life knowing that I will be able to attend. In the past, I also suffered from migraines, and those have be greatly reduced as well. The pain can take control of your life. This type of treatment can put you back in control and get you leading a normal life again. I strongly recommend Dr. Schultz in Johnston.”

-Linda P.

Low Back Pain

Yellow stars
“My lower back problem has been bothering me for three years. After having had spinal injections and on the verge of surgery, I consulted Dr. Schultz before making the decision to have surgery, and I am glad I did.”

In my occupation, a bad back is the worst thing that can happen. Through the treatment program I received from Dr. Schultz, I can do my job and enjoy recreation with my family without pain.
I would recommend Dr. Schultz to anyone with back problems.”

-Wes E.

30 Years Of Migraines Erased With Two Visits:

Yellow stars
“I have suffered from severe migraine headaches for the past 30 years, and have relied on prescription medication to give me relief so I could get through each day. I was always afraid to try chiropractic treatment ….I was already in pain, so wasn’t excited about the idea of “cracking” something and making it worse! I finally decided to give it a try, as I was sick and tired of feeling sick and tired!

Dr. Schultz did a great job of explaining what was needed, and what he could do to help. His open answers to my questions gave me the courage to go ahead and try treatment. After only two adjustments, my headaches completely disappeared!! As treatments continued,overall aches and pains decreased and flexibility increased. After years of not feeling well, I have recently taken up running and biking again, and feel fantastic! My only regret is that I didn’t take care of this a LONG time ago.

I am very appreciative of Dr. Schultz for giving me a new lease on life!”


Pain from Head to Toe

Yellow stars
“I had severe pain from the base of my neck, all the way down my spine. I was limited as to how far i could turn my body and had headaches and pain down down my left leg to the point that I could not stand up straight.

After treatments with Dr. Schultz, I am now able to do all the things I couldn’t do before. And I don’t have the headaches anymore.

Dr. Schultz is very thorough and complete. He has been able to get to the root of my problems and treat them, where many others were not unable to. It seems that I have had less sinus trouble since I began treatments!

Now that I am feeling better physically, I have a better attitude and I think I am much more pleasant to be around.”

– Harley

Senior Citizen | Low Back Pain | Sciatica

Yellow stars
“I’m an active senior citizen and with the help of chiropractic treatments I feel physically better and my lower back is much better. I am now more aware of my back and try not to do anything to aggravate my spine. I also enjoy coming to see Dr. Schultz for the optional maintenance program that he recommended. It keeps me feeling young!

With my adjustments I can function better. I notice that I am able to go to my dance classes regularly and perform with my dance group! I also take more walks around my neighborhood. None of these activities seem to bother me anymore. Thank you Dr. Schultz!”

– C.J.

Climbing Three Amazing Summits without Pain!

Yellow stars
While visiting Johnston from Brazil for work at Pioneer, M.M. explains: “I have two herniated discs (L4-L5; L5-S1), the last one was causing immense pain just 2 weeks before a Yosemite climbing trip. With just four sessions with Dr. Schultz I was completely recovered, and of course kept my plains for the trip. In summary, three amazing summits, climbing long routes (+ 1000 ft), Half Dome, Fair View Dome and Middle Cathedral Rock. I really do recommend Dr. Schultz treatment!!!! Thank you !!”

– M.M.

Lost Energy | Pain | Depression:

Yellow stars
“I had pain on and off for years and would take pills and drugs on and off as well. I developed depression and found myself rarely smiling. I never felt like my old self!

Then I came to Dr. Schultz. Now I feel like a million dollars, and I’m keeping up with monthly check-ups. My husband and friends note they can really notice the positive changes.

Thank you Dr. Schultz!!”

– Ardel V.

Rear End Auto Accident:

Yellow stars
“I was involved in a rear end automobile accident. I thought it wasn’t a serious injury, however, years later I started having problems with pain in my neck area. This continued for a number of years.

Dr. Schultz corrected the problem with treatments, and the pain went away completely.

Unfortunately, Dr. Schultz showed me on my x-ray that much deterioration had occurred in my neck because I covered it up with pain pills for years.

Don’t be afraid to see Dr. Schultz, because the results are good!”

– Margaret L.
Police Dispatcher

Auto Accident | Whiplash:

Yellow stars
“Initially I was skeptical of chiropractic care doctors. I didn’t understand the relationship of spinal care to well being. It took convincing from a friend to visit a chiropractor when I complained of minor whiplash symptoms due to a minor rear end collision in an auto. That chiropractor was Dr. Alan Schultz in Johnston.

As a result of treatment, I began to feel back to normal within a few visits. It was a great experience.

I had also suffered from what I felt were sinus related headaches which were extremely painful — similar to a migraine headache. I had been getting headaches daily, usually during a particular part of the year, ever since high school. My chiropractic treatments with Dr. Schultz have minimized the pain and frequency of these headaches, and as a result , I no longer take pain relievers to suppress and mask the pain.”

– Tim C.
Computer Security Specialist


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