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Open Air Adjustments

open-air-adjustmentSchultz Chiropractic & Acupuncture has set up an Open Air Adjustment area for our patients!

We have gone through a 17 page CDC check sheet in order to establish protocol:

Your car is actually used as your personal waiting room!

When you arrive, call (515) 270-2924 to check in and answer a few questions about your health.

No sign in or pen handling. Payment over the phone. No credit card handling.

Only one patient is allowed in the office at a time. The reception room is bypassed, patients are taken to the south entrance, our largest treatment space, OR, you can request open air treatment outside in our courtyard.

Dr. Schultz washes his hands for 20 seconds before and after each visit. He then cleans each table with Protex disinfectant wipes, explicitly stating it Us effective against SARS Associated Corona Virus.

maskDr. Schultz wears an N95 mask for all patient visits.

Dr. Schultz then uses hand sanitizer before and after each treatment.

Patient hand sanitizer stations are available for patients as you arrive or leave. No need to even touch a door handle as you leave!

It is our plan to keep both our patriots and ourselves healthy as we work through the pandemic.

Remember that spine health is an important part of your overall health care plan!

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