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Covid-19 Protocols:

womans hands holding glass globeWe take pride in being one of the few in our profession that offers this level of Covid-19 protection and peace of mind on every visit to our office:

1. Limit of 2 patients in our 3,600 sq foot clinic at any one time.

2. Your car is your waiting room. Call when you arrive, we will call you back when we are ready and it’s time to enter.

3. No two patients within 20 feet of each other at any time.

4. Doctor and staff don surgical masks at all times.

5. Touchless digital body temp is taken each visit.

6. Doctor wears new nitrile gloves for every patient visit.

7. Doctor is in scrubs. No ties with germs.

8. Tables and face slots are cleaned with Protex cleaning each visit, and with you present so that you see that’s it’s done correctly.

9. Windows are opened every hour to attain fresh air exchange.

10. Ozone air purifier is used to purify the air in the clinic.

11. Glass barrier at checkout and scheduling area.

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